Hilarity Ensued When Burger King Accidentally Listed This Prankster’s Phone Number On Their Website

According to the YouTube description, the man heard in this video had his office phone number accidentally listed on Burger King’s website, as the number of one of their franchise locations. But rather than contact them and have the error fixed, homeboy decided to have a little bit of fun with the situation. (“A Little Bit of Fun with The Situation” sounds like the worst reality show ever.)

While the hairpin trigger is to scream “Faaaaake, faaaaake!” whenever something like this surfaces, I wanna give the guy the benefit of the doubt based on the grounds that he actually eventually lets his victims in on the joke at the end of each call. Because otherwise that would be pretty f*cked up if he sent some poor woman to Burger King at four in the morning to perform what she thought was going to be butchering cows and chickens.