The Hitler Teapot Sold Out Online In Record Time

Do you like your teapot on a functional level, but aesthetically feel it’s just not Hitler-y enough? You are not alone.

Over the long weekend one Redditor noticed a local Culver City JC Penney billboard advertising a Michael Graves designed teapot resembled the leader of the Third Reich, especially if you squinted your eyes. The above image entitled “This looks like Hitler!” subsequently surged on Reddit, leading to an additional surge in traffic on JC Penney’s online ordering page:

While JC Penney didn’t respond to messages about the product, the out-of-stock kettle was the only one of the 31 tea kettles sold on to be sold out Tuesday afternoon.

The product is no longer available in any capacity on the site. The company apparently tweeted, ” “If we had designed it to look like something, we would have gone with a snowman or something fun :),” but that’s no longer available either. Probably because emoticon usage was a bad choice.

The only good choice: not wasting any time hopping on this one-of-kind collector’s item. Somewhere Montel Williams is smiling.

Sources: Reddit & Time