Honest Internet Explorer Ad Is Much Closer To The Real Thing, Though With The Same Infuriating Song

Senior Pop Culture Editor
10.04.12 2 Comments

You know which song I’m talking about. AND IT FEELS LIKE I AM JUST TOO CLOSE TO LOVE. THERE’S NOTHING I CAN REALLY SAY, over and over and over again, until the end of time, and even then, it will travel with you to Hell, where there’s no Firefox or Google Chrome. (FYI: “Too Close” is by British alternative dubstep guy Alex Clare, has been out for over a year, and is now the #9 song on the Billboard Hot 100.)

It’s the thing that makes you pay attention to the Internet Explorer 9 ad that plays every five seconds during NFL games, and then once you’re over the shock of the WUB WUB, you laugh because lolz, Internet Explorer. We’ve made our opinions on the web browser perfectly clear before, which is why we’re glad World Wide Interweb made an honest IE ad. I like the part where it doesn’t work.

(Via World Wide Interweb)

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