'Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number' Teaser Brings The Creepy

Hotline Miami was a massive hit last year, largely thanks to the fact that it was built around 16-bit graphics, insane ultraviolence, and exhilarating twitch gaming paired with brutal difficulty. Oh, and it was also creepy and disturbing. If the teaser for Hotline Miami 2 is any indication, yeah, they’re going to be taking that part up a notch.

Here’s the teaser, complete with creepy score:

Apparently this sequel’s plot will take its cues directly from the finale of the first game, which, not to get into spoilers, trends towards either the disturbingly nightmarish or a bizarre political thriller.

The game will apparently follow several characters, including “fans” of the original game who lose it and actually wind up busting into buildings and killing people. Also, by all accounts, the sequel is even more difficult than the original. The developers have problems beating some levels in demos for journalists, so if you’re looking for a challenge, this will probably fit the bill.

Also, apparently this will be the last game in the series. We’re not sure if that will hold, but either way, the violence starts on Mac, PC and Linux later this year.