Allow Former ‘MythBuster’ Grant Imahara To Show You How A McRib Is Made

It’s a story that’s become all too familiar in the aftermath of the Great Recession. After years of gainful employment, a quality job ends overnight and soon a person is forced to work for McDonald’s, even though they are grossly over-qualified for that job. This is the ballad of Grant Imahara, who after nine years on the Mythbusters build team now finds himself making reassuring videos for McDonald’s as a part of their effort to bust unsavory myths about their food.

In this latest video, Imahara teams up with a man in a bow tie named Wes Bellamy who had previously tweeted out disparaging remarks about the McRib. Their mission is to observe the process of creating the McRib and, I assume, certify that McDonald’s’ infamous seasonal sandwich (that I always get excited about but never eat) does not contain bits of broken glass or rabid squirrel.

To make that certification, Imahara and Bellamy are lead around the processing plant where they see a large bin of meat, the forming station, and the water mist that goes on top of the McRib meat slab to help avoid dehydration. Did you know that the McRib looks a lot different than the picture that Bellamy saw on Twitter? Please allow him to tell you — twice. Please also allow him to show you the wonder of what a beard-net looks like.

By the video’s end, both Imahara and Bellamy seem to be enjoying their very first McRib sandwiches. Imahara declares that they are now “McRib buddies.” You know what I think? I think that after watching the video with me, you and I are McRib buddies, too. Lets gobble down a few McRibs and sing songs about America and our grandma’s barbecue.

Source: YouTube via Gawker