How Embarrassing Is This Prom Rejection In Front Of Thousands Of People?

Earlier this week, a video surfaced on Twitter of a teenager asking a girl to prom in front of thousands of people and getting rejected. We all assumed the video was staged because, well, nothing on the internet is real anymore. But the Daily Mail caught up with this poor sap, and yeah, he’s a faker, right? Damn millenials.

‘I spent a bit of time planning the proposal. I really thought she was going to be the one.”

No, you are lying. You did not think she was the one. I hate you.

“Apparently, she already had a date, and I had no idea.”

I really wanted them to film it, but when I saw one of my friends had uploaded it onto the internet, I was like, ‘come on.’

Let me translate for those of you who don’t speak millenial. “Come on” is short for, RT RT RT.

VERDICT: Absolutely staged.