How Many Villains are In “The Dark Knight Rises?”

03.21.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

Here’s what we actually know about “The Dark Knight Rises”, as in they are actual facts: it’s going to be an “Inception” reunion all up in that mofo as Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins Tom Hardy and Michael Caine in the cast. Also, indie actress (i.e. don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of her) Juno Temple, in addition to having a name that sounds like a stage name but isn’t, will be appearing.

But as what? That’s the part that’s got everybody in a big ol’ rumor-mongering tizzy. Variety has “insiders” that claim Gordon-Levitt is going to play Alberto Falcone, aka the Holiday Killer, but that honestly seems a little weird since we’ve already got Bane and Catwoman. It would make sense if the script were about the mob infighting after the Joker gave Gotham’s criminal ranks a big ol’ gasoline and bullet enema, but three villains? How long is this script?

Temple, meanwhile, will be playing a “street-smart Gotham girl”. Since Nolan and Bale have both vetoed Robin ever appearing, this role is actually a mystery. She’d just better not be making wisecracks to Batman. We can see the studio notes: “We liked the billion dollars that last one made, but it was too serious. Add a comedic character! Everybody loves slapstick!”

[ via the batwatchers at IndieWire ]

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