How Much Is Valve Going to Charge Jerks In Multiplayer?

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Multiplayer has one huge problem: jerks. The best solution is, obviously, to force anybody who acts like a jerk online to divulge his home address and phone number, and mail everybody else on the server a plane ticket to his city and a baseball bat. We’re still raising the venture capital for Teamkill IRL, LLC, but until then, Valve’s just going to punish jerks their own way.

Namely, by making them watch ads. Gabe Newell, speaking to a bunch of high school students, talked about how some players add value to the game, in this case “Team Fortress 2”, simply by being there. They’re nice guys, good players, and everybody likes them. Then there are the jerks who empty a server just by showing up.

Newell states that the nice guys add value to the game and deserve incentives to stick around, like free stuff, while the guys decreasing value should have to sit through some ads. It isn’t a shock to the genitals, but it’s a start, we guess.

See Newell explain in video on the next slide.

[ via the good players at PCGamer ]

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