How Much SyFy Shark S— Can You Handle? Here’s A Look At ‘Ghost Shark’.

So, based on Internet reaction Syfy’s Sharknado was the biggest movie since, well, pretty much forever. A sequel has already been greenlit!

But hey, you don’t have to wait the two months or whatever it’s going to take to churn out another Sharknado movie. You can keep this Syfy shark meme going by watching Ghost Shark on August 22nd. Yup, Ghost Shark. As in, a shark that’s a ghost. Don’t worry, this shark doesn’t let its spectral nature keep it from biting bikini-clad ladies in half. Hit the jump for video proof…

Here’s a full trailer for the movie…

Blonde from crappy WB show, fat guy, black guy, filmed at a low-traffic beach on a cloudy day…check, check, check annnd check. It’s a Syfy shark movie alright! That thing you’re now required by nerd law to love! Hooray!

via The Hollywood Reporter