How Quickly Was the 3DS Hacked?

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The 3DS came out Saturday in Japan, to a total sellout, probably thanks to Nintendo finally putting out a sequel to “Pilotwings”. And precisely how long did it take to hack it?
Less than 24 hours.
The technique is from the R4 team, who previously hacked the DS. It simply adds software to the 3DS whitelist; that is, games the 3DS is allowed to play. Beyond that, it doesn’t actually do all that much at the moment, but it does establish that hacking the DS is not only possible, but actually pretty easy. You know, because hacking the DS was a monumental achievement in computer security.
On the next slide, you’ll find a YouTube video of the hack, along with a brief explanation of how it works.

[ via the console hackers at Geekosystem ]

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