How To Get A PS4 For Christmas Without A Preorder

So, the PS4 launch can safely be classified as “successful”; it sold over a million units within twenty four hours of its Friday release. But that also means it’s in demand, and through the holiday season, a hot toy can be hard to get. If you want to give someone a PS4 for Christmas, here’s how to do it.

Build A Relationship With Retail Staff

Even if you’ve never worked retail, it’s not a big secret that working in the mall during the holidays is a miserable experience. And it’s one that’s often made a lot worse by the customers. Retail staff basically will spend between now and Christmas Eve dealing with people who are steadily becoming more obnoxious, rude, and pushy.

Being the exact opposite of that, as a result, will help you stand out. Even if they can’t help you, it never hurts to be the person who thanked them for trying.

Remember That There Are Dozens Of Places To Buy One

Pretty much every major toy store and electronics chain will be stocking and selling PS4s between now and Christmas Eve, so, if you’re at the mall, just hit every possible place you can think of that fits that description. You might be surprised by what turns up.

Look Into Bundles

It pays to be wary of “bundles”; there are some stores that will throw in a few cables you don’t need and a game and charge a premium for it. But if price is no object, or you’re willing to go over, ask about bundles. Especially in places where the staff get a commission, that’s more likely to get results.

Get On Waiting Lists

Most places will have waiting lists for popular items, and few of them are a commitment. Just get on each and every one, and keep an eye on your phone.

Monitor Amazon

Amazon is apparently shipping PS4 units as fast as they’re coming in, but again, it can’t hurt to be on the waiting list. Sign up, and keep an eye on your email.

Avoid Auction Sites

Finally, a caveat: eBay is a place to find many wonderful things. A hot Christmas gift? Not one of them. Provided you’re not getting ripped off by being sent a fake console, you’re probably getting ripped off as somebody bids up the prices. Spend time, not five times the system price.

Any tips, console shoppers? Let us know in the comments.