Here’s How To Make Your Own Doritos Mountain Dew With One Weird Trick

I wish I didn’t have to explain that the headline to this article is a joke utilizing clickbait language ironically and not actually clickbaiting you, but commenters who flip out about headlines are generally the dumbest creatures with opposable thumbs this side of a habitat for raccoons with debilitating head injuries, so here we are. Disclaimer over.

Moving on, late last night an amazing Vine was born into an unsuspecting and unworthy world, and I’m going to pin this #DIY #lifehack so hard all over my Pinterest you guys.

Yes, Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew AKA “Dewitos” is a real product being tested at colleges, and now the video above explains how to beat Pepsi and Frito-Lay at their own game and make the terrifying concoction with ONE WEIRD TRICK in our own homes. DOCTORS HATE this video.

Sidenote, I found this weird packaging for Japanese black pepper flavored Doritos while looking for a picture to use in this post:

So at least “Dewitos” still isn’t the strangest Doritos product.