How To Properly Hide Booze In Facebook Photos — With Cats

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Maybe it’s the Friday talking but when I saw this collection of Facebook photos with cats shopped in for booze this morning I chortled. And I’m not much one for internet cat humor chortling. I wouldn’t know since status updates were made via beepers when I was underage but hiding booze on Facebook is apparently one of the many life challenges of an internet savvy 18 year-old this day and age. This inspired collection appears to be the work of an underage person on Tumblr named Megan.
I’m all for this protocol and think someone should have created an image editing site dedicated to replacing booze for cats in Facebook photos like yesterday. I’m not saying the site would solve all the world’s problems, just most of them. Megan, if you’re out there and ever need someone to buy you beer I know a guy. And by “know a guy” I mean “I’ll do it for a fair markup.”
Via The Clearly Dope

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