How Would The Military Actually Tackle Godzilla In Real Life?

The new Godzilla film a mere week away from being unleashed on moviegoers here in the States. With the impending return to gory and poor writers dropping monster puns like flies, it seems like the perfect time to find out what our military could do against a real encounter with a giant monster like Godzilla.

Air & Space Magazine reached out to Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan for a response and got one full of extreme confidence: we could take it. Have the never listened to the Blue Oyster Cult song? The folly of man is evident in such a boast. I mean just look at what was thrown at the monster the first time around. From Air & Space:

Americans first met Godzilla (or Gojira) in 1956, in a quasi-remake of the 1954 Japanese film with footage of actor Raymond Burr added to the original. When Godzilla emerged from Tokyo Bay, he was attacked by depth bombs, 50-caliber machine guns, 300,000 volts of electricity, Howitzer cannons, and bombs dropped from (possibly) F-86s. None of this had any effect (although, strangely, the chiming of a clock tower seemed to drive him berserk).

Since then, he’s been hit with giant robots, alien clones, and a whole bevy of strange mystical superheroes and monsters. But I guess some .50 cal rounds and bombs can handle him right? Good thing this is all fiction and I’m too busy wetting myself over Star Wars fan fiction to care at the moment.

(Via Air & Space Magazine / Gizmodo)