Howard Stern Did Not Hold Back When Trashing Herschel Walker: ‘How The F*ck Could You Elect That Guy?’

The midterms are on Tuesday, and everyone’s a little on edge. There are scores of wacko MAGA candidates who very well might win. One of them is Herschel Walker, the footballer-turned-bizarre aspiring lawmaker. He’s improbably neck-and-neck with Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock for the latter’s Senate seat. Indeed, it’s so weird that a guy who isn’t even sure how many states are in America might win that it almost left Howard Stern, man of endless words, almost speechless.

“F*cking Herschel Walker. Holy f*ck. They’re saying he’s gonna win in Georgia. Are you fucking dummies!?” Stern railed on his XMSirius show Monday while ranting about nutty GOP candidates.

“There’s gonna be … they always talk about another Civil War,” Stern predicted. “I think there is gonna be one. I mean, how the f*ck could you elect that guy? You gotta be outta your f*cking skull.”

It was clear Walker’s unlikely ascent had left Stern flabbergasted. “I gotta say, I mean, are you f*cking kidding me?” he told listeners. “I don’t care what party, what you believe, what you think would be good for America. Would you really vote for this f*cking — I don’t know what the f*ck he is. I was gonna say mental case. But I don’t even know if that’s fair to mental cases. I just don’t know.”

Stern also had it out for controversial candidates who think they’re defending free speech when what they really want is to face zero repercussions for their actions. “Everyone’s just feeling really empowered to say whatever dumb f*cking thing is on their brain. And then they go, ‘Oh, come on — Come on man,’” he said. “‘Heil Hitler. Now let’s move on. Hitler threw the Jews in the ovens. Leave me alone. I just wanna say things like that. Just want — I just wanna — I wanna say what I have to say.’”

Anyway, please vote Tuesday if you haven’t already.

(Via Mediaite)