Howard Stern Thinks Bill Cosby Is The ‘Biggest Hypocrite In The World’ After Rape Allegations

Howard Stern has never had a problem speaking his mind on his SiriusXM radio show, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he’s calling Bill Cosby out on those recent rape allegations. Cosby’s been under fire after multiple women have accused the comedian of drugging and sexually assaulting them. He’s lost plenty of fans in the last week but not Howard Stern, because Howard Stern was never really a fan in the first place.

Stern opened his radio show by commenting on Dr. Huxtable’s sticky situation and talking about how completely un-funny he finds the beloved comedian:

I love that this guy … let’s say that this stuff is true … this guy’s the biggest hypocrite in the world. Every minute he’s giving a morality lesson to comedians and everyone else, and he’s “America’s father” and blah blah blah, horseshit horseshit horseshit. It’s not unlike when you see these preachers, who then get exposed. They’re against homosexuality, and you find out they’re blowing a dude in the bathroom. It’s just such hypocrisy.

Stern went on to reminisce watching Cosby do stand-up when he was younger:

First of all, I never find this guy funny anyway. I went to see him when I was young, and I remember sitting there going ‘What are they laughing at?’

And then, Stern gave us this gem — his take on an old Cosby “Spanish Fly” joke, which now seems completely creepy:

Bill Cosby has a routine that he did 100 years ago about ‘Spanish Fly.’ I don’t know that it’s real, but the legend went, if you gave it to a girl, she would become so horny that she would have to fuck anything that’s in the room, including disgusting me or you or anyone else. But, anyway, Bill Cosby — who’s been accused of drugging women, and then undressing them and having sex with them — listen early on … his fascination with ‘Spanish Fly,’ and you could see this is really something with him. On that level, it’s a weird fucking creepy bit.

You can listen to the joke here: