Howard Stern’s Interview With Alex Jones Was A Rollicking Crazy Train Wreck

Oh man. Where do I even begin with this?

First of all, I should note that I was tipped to this impossibly insane interview by Jonah Hill.

Thanks Jonah! We love you as a fat guy.

Anyway, back to this interview with the one man who can make Piers Morgan into a sympathetic character, the highlights of which include: Osama Bin Laden being secretly frozen by the U.S. government since 2001, gay suicidal shrimp, and juice boxes being given to children filled with a chemical that will turn them gay, among other things. Sadly, they didn’t delve much into Sandy Hook trutherism.

My favorite reaction to the interview — found after a quick Google search — was by this raving anti-semite who was disgusted to learn that Jones is married to a Jew.

We first note, Mr. Jones, that you are forced – or at the very least feel an irresistible compulsion – to address the fact that people on the internet are attacking you, citing your Jew wife, Jew children and undying support for the Jewish race, even while being featured on one of the most popular radio shows in the world. Thank you for this, Mr. Jones. It tells us that we in the true antisemitic movement are having a massive impact on the resistance narrative.

You say you are hated by “Nazis,” but don’t understand why. Well, I can go ahead and explain it to you, Mr. Jones. You have, with the assistance of your publicist Jew wife and other Jew handlers, succeeded in hijacking all resistance to the Jewish system, centralizing well-meaning dissent under your impotent media empire, where you do nothing at all with it, simply talking and talking and talking. You have obfuscated the real enemy, who is the Jewish race, and who is right in front of our faces. You have sent people on wild goose chases for invisible monsters, while making yourself fat and wealthy.

We who are “Nazis” desire a real movement, a physical political movement, based on truth and justice, and we are left having to deal with your fake resistance movement blocking the way of truth and real change. That is why we hate you, Alex Jones.

And if you really wanna dive deep into the crazy, delve into the comments on the Nazi’s post.