Howard The Duck Is Returning To A World He Never Made

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09.08.14 14 Comments

Howard the Duck is primarily known to comics nerds as a series of bizarre comedy books from the ’70s and primarily to everyone else for this GIF. But Marvel appears to be taking another run at the angry, unemployed, stogie-smoking mallard.

Over the weekend at Baltimore Comic-Con, the long-suffering Tom Brevoort got asked a whole bunch of questions, including when Howard might be coming back. His response, according to Bleeding Cool

Brevoort said, “He wouldn’t be surprised”, since there was no interest previously and this would be a good time now. “Watch the skies”, he said.

Somehow, we doubt Howard is getting another ongoing, especially since Marvel seems to be putting a bullet in all its quirky books lately, but we suspect that at least something will be coming out of the hubbub surrounding Howard’s cameo. Despite, or because of, the awful ’80s movie, a lot of people have a soft spot for Gerber’s bizarre creation, and he has turned up now and again, most recently as a backup strip in the Original Sins mini. So, we’ll keep an eye on the sky, and probably get hit by Howard’s cab as a result.

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