Hugh Jackman Is Shirtless On ‘The Wolverine’ Set. He’s Been Working Out, Apparently.

Good news, everyone. Fox may have listened to our very reasonable suggestion to rename the Wolverine sequel Wolverine 1: This Is The First One, There Weren’t Any Others Seriously (And Hugh Jackman Is Shirtless For 90 Minutes). Or at least they’ve got the shirtless part right, as evidenced by the pictures here.
Production of The Wolverine is underway in New South Wales, Australia, and wouldn’t you know it, Hugh Jackman is shirtless. Those scenes were filmed in Kurnell on a set replicating a WWII P.O.W. camp. We also have pictures from a lumber yard setting in Picton, but he’s not shirtless in those and looks homeless. Boooo.
Strangely, director James Mangold still hasn’t cast the role of the Viper (Jessica Biel dropped out), although Twitch reports Svetlana Khodchenkova (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy) is likely to sign. The $80 million budget was recently reduced by $12.8 million via the Australian government as an incentive to start filming there. The Wolverine is set to open July 26th, 2013. For more about the cast and plot, you can read our previous update. I’m not typing all that again when Hugh Jackman is shirtless up in here. Priorities.
Exercise caution while perusing these photographs. They can be potentially hazardous for some viewers:
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Pretty sure I’ve seen this guy on the corner yelling about how fluoridated water is a soft kill conspiracy.

(Click these longer pictures to enlarge)

Is this a Charles Manson biopic or The Wolverine?

I hope those blisters are from frequently removing his shirt.