Hugh Jackman Talks About His Daughter’s Reaction To His Nude Scene In ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

As you’re probably well aware by now, X-Men: Days of Future Past opens tomorrow, and had I known that there was going to be Hugh Jackman nudity, I might have reconsidered turning down a friend’s invitation to go see it in the theater this weekend. It’s only the butt, though, and we’ll have to hold out hope for the possibility of ever seeing any Wolverine peen — because even Hugh Jackman gets nervous about shooting in the nude. According to the NY Daily News:

And it turned out that even the bravest of superheroes felt fear when confronted with a nude scene that showcased his rear in the movie opening Friday.

“You have no idea what goes into the lead up to a scene like that. It was a year ago,” said Jackman, in answer to a reader’s inquiry about the sequence. “I know that exactly because it was May 21. I stopped drinking water for 24 hours, I pumped up on set for about an hour before shooting. And fell asleep by 2 o’clock.”

Jesus. Hugh Jackman is aware that he looks like this, right? At any rate, one person less than enthused to see Wolverine naked is Hugh Jackman’s eight-year-old daughter, who he forgot to warn prior to viewing.

“It is actually really cool to watch it with them until you get to the moment where you’re naked onscreen and you forgot to warn your almost 9-year-old daughter,” Jackman said. “And she says ‘Dad, why aren’t you wearing underwear?'”

I’ll take this one. Well, Hugh Jackman’s daughter, sometimes when little girls grow up to be ladies, they like to look at mens’ butts. I KNOW IT SOUNDS GROSS. And see, your dad? Well, your dad’s got a really good one. *makes awkward thumbs up* The studios know this, so sometimes daddies don’t wear underwear as extra incentive to get ladies to go see their movies. Does that make sense? I promise, you’ll get it someday.

Yeah, I’m never having children.