Humorless Australian News Network Seems To Think ‘Between Two Ferns’ Is Real

Santa, doesn’t exist. Easter Bunny, nope. Your dad returning home after getting a pack of smokes, ain’t gonna happen. There, now it won’t sting as much when I drop this truth: Between Two Ferns, not real. The guests don’t know the questions, but they do know they’re talking to Zach Galifianakis and that his goal is to make things as uncomfortable as possible. Brad Pitt thinks he succeeded.

Here’s what producer Scott Aukerman had to say about improv vs. scripted:

It’s as real as anything in a way. If you watch a talk show, the talk show host knows what they’re going to talk about most of the time. They have done a pre-interview where they script the conversation. We’ve never scripted a conversation. So it’s actually more real than most talk shows, which are staged. The people who are on it are always surprised by what is being asked. So, in that sense, it’s very real. (Via)

An Australian news network seems to think it’s for very real-real, not play-play.

One of their reporters also tweeted:

Sounds like someone’s being smoking from a bassoon.