I Want To Go To There: Trippy ‘Hyper-Matrix’ Moving Wall Goes On Display

“Dude, what if, like, the wall is stationary and we’re the ones who are moving?”

The “Hyper-Matrix” was unveiled by artist group J o n p a s a n g at the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion. The event just took place at the 2012 Yeosu EXPO in South Korea (not to be confused with Best Korea). The Hyper-Matrix is a moving wall which, well, it’s a moving wall. There’s really not that much to explain. Either you think that’s trippy and awesome or you don’t.

The moving wall reminds us of Portal and was designed by Jin-Yo Mok, Sookyun Yang, Earl Park, Jin-Wook Yeo, and Sang-Wook Yu. Check it out in action below. A commenter on Vimeo read my mind when he or she said, “This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.”

There’s a short making of video available at Buzzfeed.