I Don’t Know What To Think About This — ‘King Of Kong’ Director To Work On A Movie Called ‘Pixels’ Starring Adam Sandler

I’ve liked everything director Seth Gordon has done so far — King of Kong was a fantastic portrait of video game obsession that managed to be hilarious without being condescending and Horrible Bosses had a lot of good dick jokes. So, I should be pretty into the fact that Seth Gordon’s probably going to direct Pixels, a movie about arcade characters like Pac-Man and the Space Invader squids attacking New York, but I just can’t get that excited.

Why? Because the movie is going to star Adam Sandler. Also, it’s currently going through re-writes because the brain trust over at Happy Madison Productions want this to be a major summer movie and feel the current script isn’t “tent-pole sized” enough. Given this is Happy Madison we’re talking about that could mean they either want more action, or just a lot more boner jokes. Probably both actually.

So yeah, meh. I say skip Pixels and just watch Raiders of the Lost Arcade, the Futurama segment this movie borrowed its premise from. Replacing Adam Sandler with Bender is always the right way to go.

via /Film