If Obama Loses The Election, He Has Pauly Shore’s Rap Video To Blame

“My name’s the Weasel and I’m here to say/I’m the biggest Obama booster in the U-S-A. AWOOOOOOO.”

Such is the level of rapping one should except from Pauly Shore, and “Obama Got Osama” doesn’t disappoint. The video, intended as a comedic look at how could anyone NOT vote for Obama (he got Osama, after all), is light on the laughs, unless you think “You say I’m a foreigner, you say I’m a Nazi/You say I’m black and white, like dice inside of Yahtzee” kills, but heavy on the WUT. Is Pauly rapping as Obama or himself? Why is Pauly still talking about Rick Santorum? Why are there so many black people at a Pauly Shore concert/comedy show? Would it have killed Pauly to make Stephen Baldwin his hype man?

I blame the Weasel if Romney wins, and this comes from a card-carrying member of the Encino Man fanclub. Seriously. I have a card with the poster image on it somewhere.

(Via HyperVocal)