If You Forget Your Password To Louis C.K.’s Website, You’ll Get A Special Treat From Him In Your Inbox

I heard Louis C.K. say in an interview recently (I can’t remember which one because there have been countless Louis C.K. interviews floating around out there lately) that he wrote every single word on the website he designed to host his new comedy special. In other words, he built the thing from the ground up largely on his own, with some technical help from some nerdier friends along the way. So when I saw the email screengrab below posted by Tumblr user “abearfoot,” I LOLed pretty heartily, but wasn’t the least bit surprised, as it’s obviously got Louis’ fingerprints all over it.

Writes “abearfoot”:

I wanted to watch the Louis CK special, but I couldn’t remember the password I set up. Anyway, if you forget they send you this. Thanks, Louis.

So basically if you forget your password to his site, Louis C.K. will insult you via email. That’s awesome. Almost makes me wanna buy it again to give him, and a few charities, more of my money.