Someone Hacked An L.A. Traffic Sign To Tell People To ‘Read A F*cking Book’

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only one challenging people to read these days. An unknown scholar took it upon themselves to entertain passersby in Downtown Los Angeles yesterday by hacking a digital traffic sign to say, “READ A F*CKING BOOK.”

According to L.A. Weekly, the LED display was located near the neighborhood of Bunker Hill and contributor Daina Beth Solomon was able to capture this image:

The identity of the culprit behind the hacking is still unknown. But the sign has been receiving a fair share of love across the internet. Check out this proud dude who posed for a Twitter selfie with the traffic sign.

This whole situation makes me yearn for a simpler time where freeway signs doled out relationship advice to Steve Martin.

2015 may be the year LED displays achieve sentience. Remember this moment folks. And seriously, read a f*cking book!

(Source: LA Weekly)