Infographic Of The Day: Blogger Uses Infographic To Propose To Girlfriend

Okay, this absolutely settles it: male bloggers are unquestionably the best at proposing to the women they love. Non-blogger men are obviously inferior, and painfully so, in this department. Just give it up, non-blogger bros. Witness the infographic All Things D associate editor Drake Martinet created to propose to his girlfriend — it even had a hard-line Valentine’s Day hater from way back like me going “Awww!” after I saw it earlier today.

Love makes us do crazy things, and this infographic is an attempt at the impossible — to quantify just how fortunate I am to have Stacy Green in my life.

She calls us “soulmates” — the perfect match. And I didn’t realize how rare that fit actually is — not until I ran the numbers, at least. Some of the infographic math is super-factual, some just good fun, but the truth underneath stands out just fine.

Full proposal infographic below. Enjoy…

(HT: Mashable)