The Internet Confesses What Brings Out The Inner Rage-Filled Monsters, So Watch Out

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11.20.15 5 Comments


On the Internet, people take great pleasure in complaining about the tiniest things. From venom directed towards customer service agents to those hurt and angry over a cheating spouse, people also get riled up about legitimate observances and reactions. After all, rampant bodily functions are fun to discuss, but so is pure, unadulterated rage.

Sometimes, though, people realize their anger is unfounded, and they simply cannot help seeing red. Over at Reddit, users gathered to discuss a rage-filled topic — “What is something that genuinely bothers you, but you never complain about because you’d seem like an asshole?” — that stokes their fires in a bad way. You’ll probably identify with at least a few of these selections, so let’s do this:

To get things rolling, Beve21 takes on the Tom Cruise style of laughter:

“People who have a fake-ass laugh. Like, we all fake laughter in awkward conversation, but some people are really bad at it and when you work with them you want to be like, ‘Dude, work on your fake laugh because you do it all the time and yours is terrible.’ Obviously you can’t do that, though.”

Mapbc presents a valid safety concern and why this should stop now:

“People who have the right of way driving and wave you ahead of them. If you would just drive by the rules and conventions then it would be a safer smoother drive. Now the people behind you are breaking unnecessarily and unexpectedly. Your kindness while appreciated is really causing more harm than good. Thank…but just drive like you’re supposed to.”

Brezzle piggybacks on the last entry with an explanation of exactly why the “waving in traffic” behavior is so dangerous:

“It is UNSAFE. Holy sh*t, people around here stop short all the time to let others take left turns on multi-lane roads. Cars coming down the road cannot see the car pulling out, and the car pulling out can’t see around you. YOU ARE CREATING A DANGEROUS T-BONE SITUATION FOR NO REASON. JUST THINK!!!!”

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