The Internet Isn’t Reacting Well To This Photo Of Justin Bieber Holding The ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Script

09.14.13 6 years ago 25 Comments

Justin Bieber is not going to be playing Robin in Batman vs. Superman vs. Larry Flynt. Let’s get that out of the way now. Not that I wouldn’t love to see him working alongside Ben Affleck (he couldn’t be any worse than Chris O’Donnell; plus the mental image of Batman fans misting their eyes with Shark Spray to hide the tears should bring a smile to everyone’s face). But again, don’t fall for the trolling: despite the image Bieber posted to his Instagram yesterday, in which he can be seen holding a watermarked Batman vs. Superman script with a caption of “#robin ??” the Swaggiest of Bros ain’t donning the green one-piece. He does that in his private time, thank you very much.

Yet there are a lot of future (Burt) wards of the state who fell for the hoax. A sampling of responses:

-“This will obviously be the worst batman ever made on this planet”

-“i am a huge batman nerd and you will ruin this for me and everyone else you suck”

-“First be affleck as batman now bieber as robin, sorry bro”

-“wtfuck ? Why would YOU play robin? come on dude. You will destroy what i love why would you destroy something what everybody loves? I cant even…. Aaaahhhh.”

-“No people call Robin the gay one!!!! No no no! Dont do it @justinbieber! Not good for your image! Just google it! Then delete this post! Before the paps get a hold of it!”

And so on. Then there’s this: “he already is our superhero ;* i cant wait.” Won’t she be upset when this turns out to be nothing more than publicity for a Funny or Die video. She chooses die.


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