Intriguing Modes Of Transportation (and Links)

Jurassic Park Jeep hauling a companion cube? Awesome things are afoot.

B-tches Love Movie Edition Memes [Uproxx]

Courtney Love Launches Insane Twitter Attack On Jezebel Editor [Uproxx]

Surfing Dogs? A Whole Gallery of Them?  Don’t mind if I do. [WithLeather]

This week in posters [Filmdrunk]

The Best Of The Annual Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Games [WithLeather]

Great local commercial: Cat Hotel [WarmingGlow]

Moby Gets Electrocuted On Stage And Collapses. Nobody Cares. [TSS]

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 6/6 [WithLeather]

The 100 Funniest Brits [Buzzfeed]

Adult Swim’s Friendliest Monsters [AdultSwim]

Twitpic Theater: Bunnies, Butts, and Bikinis [TSJ]

DC Is Out of Their Goddamned Minds [ToplessRobot]

Do you try to eat healthy? You might have an eating disorder [Fark]

Super Geeky Marriage Proposals Inspire Nerd Awe, Awws [UGO]

VIDEO BELOW: Wait for it . . . [via TDW]

[Pictures via Reddit and SirMitchell]