A Home Intruder Camped Out Under A Bed For Three Days Before Anyone Noticed Him

Check all the nooks and crannies as soon as you get home tonight. On Tuesday evening, New Jersey authorities revealed details of a burglary investigation in Spotswood. A woman heard an unusual noise in her home one evening, and she investigated after tracing the oddity to her spare bedroom. Once there, she discovered a man hiding under a bed, where he’d stayed for three days after sneaking into the home during a garbage run.

This incident happened in May, but police say Jason Hubbard broke into the house and ducked under a bed. He camped out right there for three days, and since he was there, charged his four cell phones in a nearby outlet. Hubbard wasn’t interested in hurting anyone or actually burglarizing valuables. The dude simply wanted to hang out and power up his electronics. He’d probably still be there (in some state) if the homeowner hadn’t heard a bump in the night. Hubbard has been detained on $50,000 bail on charges of burglary and (oddly) theft of electricity.

The Spotswood Police Department released Hubbard’s mugshot. What happened to the cell phones?

There’s a breaking update to this story. The owner of the house, Margaret Adamcewicz, reveals that Hubbard dated her daughter five years ago. The relationship didn’t end well, but Hubbard didn’t bother the family again until now: “He didn’t say why he came back. He just picked our house to hide out in.”

(via & Spotswood Police Department)