This Handy iPhone Keyboard Trick Lets You Move The Cursor Like A Mouse


Have you ever been attempting to edit a long text message, email, or document on your iPhone, but your apparently fat fingers won’t let you move the cursor exactly where you want it? We’ve all been there, but apparently a convenient hack was right under our noses the entire time. Or at least, since the Apple iOS 12 update was launched a couple of months ago, but most people are only just learning of this trick now.

Typically when editing on the iPhone, you need to double tap the block of text and try to drag the cursor to go where you want it, but unfortunately, it often takes a bit of fidgeting to get it just right. Yet there’s an easier way!

Just use the following easy steps for iPhone editing bliss:

  • Start writing text in any app, whether it’s Gmail, iMessage, Microsoft Word or anything else.
  • Hold down the keyboard on your iPhone or iPad.
  • The letters on your keyboard will vanish, and it’ll turn into one large mouse-pad like mechanism, which lets you move your cursor all around a block of text.

See it in action below:

The trick works on any 3D touch-enabled Apple devices operating on iOS 12. So in other words, sorry, Android users, you’ll still have to keep on editing blocks of texts the old fashioned way for now.

(Via CNBC)

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