‘Iron Man 3’ Animatics Give The Mandarin A Proper Explosive Finale

08.27.13 6 years ago

So, yesterday we brought you some Avengers animatics by artists Federico D’Alessandro, featuring Wasp and a more badass Iron Man. Well, turns out Federico also did animatics for Iron Man 3, and he’s posted some clips that show how the movie’s climatic action scene was originally supposed to go down.

Hit the jump to check ’em out…

via io9

First off, we have Rhodes in a short action-packed scene we didn’t get in the movie.

An alternate version of Tony and Killian’s final showdown.

And last, but not least, a proper finale for The Mandarin. Granted, he’s still a bit of a boob, but at least he gets to go out with a bang.

Okay, after a couple days of watching these animatics that are more exciting than anything that happened in the final versions of The Avengers or Iron Man 3, I think it’s high time they let Federico D’Alessandro direct his own superhero movie.

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