‘Iron Man 3’ Adds Yet Another Villain, Not To Be Confused With ‘Simpsons’ Character

Iron Man 3 already has several characters who are being used as villains at some point in the movie: Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, Guy Pearce as Dr. Aldrich Killian, Ashley Hamilton as Firepower, and James Badge Dale as Coldblood. Disney and DMG Entertainment have decided to Spider-Man 3 it up with yet another villain. Wang Xuqei (Bodyguards and Assassins) has been cast as Chen Lu, AKA Radioactive Man, not to be confused with the other Radioactive Man from The Simpsons.

Wang will be taking the tole of Chen Lu, a Chinese nuclear scientist perhaps best known in Marvel’s comic continuity as a member of the Masters of Evil and the Thunderbolts. It’s unclear whether or not the movie Lu will become the irradiated mutant super villain of the comics in Iron Man 3, especially considering that he actually originally appeared as a Thor villain. Could his first movie appearance be part of a set-up for a later appearance in Thor: The Dark World, due out six months after the third Iron Man movie? [Comics Alliance]

Iron Man 3 comes out May 3rd of next year, with Thor: The Dark World releasing November 8th of next year. That gives them plenty of time to shoehorn more villains into both films. Yay?