Is Capital One A ‘Cool’ Corporation Or Are They Manipulating The Internet For PR?

A Redditor who goes by MaskedKoala posted that he had complained to Capital One that he couldn’t pay his bill because the “2” key on his keyboard didn’t work due to “an orange juice incident.” Allegedly the problem was that the guy was trying to copy and paste the number two into the account number area since he couldn’t type it, but — probably for valid reasons — Capital One’s customer login doesn’t allow you to copy and paste account information. So, according to the Redditor’s story, he just vented it out with a snarky note to the customer service web form, and then immediately paid via their mobile app.

And that would have been the end of that, except shortly after the following gift and note showed up at his house:

Hey! Nice story, huh? Well, because this is the internet, the comment thread on the post blew up into a dizzying mass of conspiracy theories — all blaming Capital One for some devious, underhanded marketing and PR business. It didn’t even help when another Redditor who goes by porkears stepped in and said that yes, this is a thing that happens:

Obviously, I can’t go into too much detail but I work at the call center in Tampa and this most definitely is a thing. Most gifts aren’t that expensive, but it’s a really awesome opportunity for us. Many of the calls are super repetitive, but it’s nice to connect with someone and do something thoughtful every once and a while. I know as a credit card company, we’re not perfect, but it’s one of the best places I’ve worked for.

BULLS*T!!!!! THEY MUST WORK FOR CAPITAL ONE, TOO! Oh, wait … Uh, that’s exactly what they just said. Personally, I’m not exactly a fan of big chain banks, but still, every now and then it’s less taxing to just think that maybe something nice happened instead of immediately assuming the worst about everything.

That said: Real or fake?