Is That Two Terabytes in Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy to See Me? 2 TB Flash Card Now Possible

12.08.11 7 years ago

Micron and Intel have recently announced they’ve created the highest capacity SD Flash card to date — one that can hold a whopping 128 GB of data. In other words, the days of you only losing a couple gigs of data when you misplace your SD card are coming to a close — now you can lose everything you’ve got in one fell swoop! But hey, at least you’ll be able to brag that your couch has more memory than your computer after you lose a few of these things between its cushions.

This new 128 GB card is just the beginning too. The new technology behind the 128 GB card could soon be used to create SD cards with a capacity of over 2 terabytes. That’s like carrying around 1.4 million 3.5 inch floppy disks in your pocket. Whoops, probably dated myself a little with that reference.

What the heck. I mean, sure it’s a neat advance in theory, but come on, how much porn do you really need to store on your cell phone?

via Gizmondo

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