Is ‘The Order: 1886’ Really Only Five Hours Long? Let’s Find Out, By Streaming It

As you may have heard by now, recently an anonymous YouTuber uploaded a playthrough of today’s big release for PS4, The Order: 1886, that claimed the game was only five hours long. And that most of that was cutscenes. So we’re going to put that to the test, by trying to beat it in five hours.

Here are the (arbitrarily decided on) rules:

  • The stream will start at roughly 8:30AM EST and run for five hours, until 1:30pm EST. I’ll do a quick recap at the end breaking down how far I got, as much as that’s possible.
  • I’m going into the game cold. Anything you see on the stream below will be from my first time playing it through.
  • I’m playing it on whatever difficulty the game declares to be normal.
  • I will be using a stopwatch to time cutscenes.

The stream is below, and of course is also on Twitch. Note that I’ve disabled sharing links in the stream, and that I will have my mic on, because I’m assuming I’m going to suck at some parts of this game and hearing me swear is part of the entertainment. Also, I’ll only be sporadically checking comments, obviously, so ping me in the Twitch chat if you have something to say and/or a good bit of mockery. So, without further ado, let’s get to it:

Update: Here’s the YouTube playlist for the Twitch stream. Enjoy!