Is This Photo Of A Bobcat Dragging A Shark Out Of The Ocean Real Or Photoshopped?

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04.08.15 18 Comments

A Florida YouReporter photographer claims to have snapped this photo in Sebastian Inlet State Park after a bobcat lunged into the ocean, caught a 4-foot shark and dragged it out onto the beach. But according to WPTV5 News, wildlife experts are now questioning whether the photo is real or photoshopped.

“My first reaction was amazement that somebody actually took that picture  because bobcats are generally very, very reclusive. You don’t really see them out and about too often,” said Busch Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care Director Amy Kight.

If the photo is legit, experts say it’s possible that the bobcat was a female attempting to bring food to her kittens. Unfortunately, the photographer did not manage to catch any follow up photos, as he thinks he may have spooked the bobcat, causing it to drop the shark on the beach and run away. Sorry, theoretical bobcat kittens. I guess you’ll have to go hungry tonight.

Other than the fact it’s somewhat suspicious that there were no other photos to accompany this one (like, not even a picture of the shark dropped on the beach after the bobcat ran away?), I don’t see why this can’t be real. The ocean is basically just the world’s biggest fishbowl, and if you’ve ever owned a cat, everyone knows how much kitty cats like their fish. It’s practically the same thing.

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