It Had to Happen Eventually — Fast Zombies Infiltrate Resident Evil 6

02.17.12 8 years ago

So, zombies are finally back in Resident Evil 6, but they’re not the zombies you remember. Yes, that dreaded invasive species, the fast zombie, has claimed Resident Evil, pushing the classic slow zombie ever closer to extinction.

Not only are RE6’s zombies speedy, but they’ll also have the ability to jump, climb and use weapons. In other words, they’re basically they bad guys from Resident Evil 4 and 5, just without the tentacles in their heads. While I’m not generally a supporter of the fast zombie, going this route was kind of unavoidable — RE’s protagonists have been powered up so drastically over the past couple games, good ol’ slow zombies wouldn’t pose any sort of a threat anymore.

A few other details about Resident Evil 6 — the game will take place in 2013 in the Chinese city of Lanshiang. Chris and Leon will star, and they’ve both been given new lady partners named Helena Harper and Ingrid Hunnigan, because as RE4 and RE5 established, the dudes are the real stars of the series, the girls are just interchangeable eye-candy. Jill, Claire and Rebecca? Nobody ever liked them. Gotta keep the character designers stimulated creating a steady supply of new ladies.

Anyways, I complain, but I’ll still play Resident Evil 6, although I’m starting to get the feeling that, much like RE5, I’m not going to like it as much the kick-ass handheld Revelations.

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