It Was Inevitable: #OccupySesameStreet Has Finally Come To Life

The Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City is a lot of things – controversial, inspiring, frustrating, maddening, spirited, confusing – so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this ongoing effort by the so-called 99% rallying against the so-called 1% is now invoking its fair share of satire. Hell, if I were still in college I’d be working on a Spring Break package right now called Occupy Bourbon Street and I’d be ordering cases of beads and t-shirts that read: “Show me 99% of your boobs!”
But I’m not in college and I’m considered too “old” and “creepy” to go on Spring Break, so I’ll have to settle for the imagination and creativity of the Internet for the mockery that everyone knew was coming. And perhaps the first and best work comes to us via our friends at Tauntr, who also brought us the hope for Dude Food, as they have delivered a short series of photoshop efforts for #OccupySesameStreet, and they are glorious (my own contribution above).
After the jump, find out how to get to and #OccupySesameStreet.
UPDATE: We have more amazing, hilarious #OccupySesameStreet photoshops here.