The Sunniest Moments From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’: ‘The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6’

I honestly don’t know if there’s a way to do “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6” justice that doesn’t involve me going through scene by scene, second by second, and providing commentary to every moment and piece of dialogue. Unfortunately I’ve got a two-on-two shirtless indoor volleyball match on the schedule and there’s simply not enough time.

So delightfully over-the-top, so purposely offensive, so much blackface. I can’t help but think about the irony of such a high concept effort going into making something look so low budget, poorly acted, and just all around the work of demented idiots indulging their deepest fantasies.

This It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Sunniest Moments gets a different approach from previous installments. I’m just going to list out things that happened in “Lethal Weapon 6” — with select media sprinkled in — so we can look at awe at what we witnessed in thirty minutes of cable television.

– The resurrection of a dead Indian chief offensively portrayed by Frank Reynolds.

–  Dennis informing a small business loan officer he doesn’t have an issue with the full penetration sex scene demanded by their previous financier, just an issue with the man performing it.

– Mac in full body blackface (?) playing basketball against a bunch of extras dragged to the gym from a retirement home.

– Dennis’s pretty amazing Australian Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon caricature.

– Mac’s slam dunk double.

– Dennis playing sax to his sister in blackface.

– Bearded lady Artimes doubling as a priest.

– Sweet Dee’s worst ever southern accent used for portraying a black woman raised in Los Angeles.

Twin henchman Charlies.

This amazing piece of fx work.

Green screen done right.

– Charlie’s shirt selection.

– Dee’s ambitious young cop scene spontaneously cut.

– Mac’s inability to understand movie plots.

– “A little something for the ladies” Top Gun-esque indoor volleyball scene (co-starring Mac’s beefcake buddies).

– Mac’s butt double (footage not available).

– Mac’s blackface not surviving the shower (footage also not available due to beefcake butt action).

– The ole mid-movie character swap.

“Testosterone driven, male-skewing, action melodrama.”

– “You need money to fund your gay porno movie?”

– “It gets straighter.” “Way straighter.”

– Dee’s stripper scene spontaneously cut for a real stripper. All approve.

– Mac and Dee’s true love kiss.

– And the guys letting the loan officer know what she could have prevented.

– NEVER FORGET: Charlie’s hair.

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