It’s Hard To Blame This Distraught Father For Throwing His Chair At A Judge

After a judge didn’t throw the book at a man who was speeding when he hit and killed a two-year-old and her two grandparents, the girl’s distraught father literally threw a chair at her. The case was in the Netherlands, and the article isn’t written in English, so you’ll have to forgive the choppy translation:

The father of a two year old girl who was killed last year in Meijel has thrown a chair to the court out of frustration.

The incident took place when the court in Roermond the cause of the accident, a 33-year-old Polish man, sentenced to community service of 120 hours. The chair came just before the right to the ground. The father was put out of the courtroom by the police.

The accident, including the grandfather (67) and grandmother (64) of the child were killed, occurred last May in a gentle curve to the Heldense Dijk Meijel.

The court considered it proven that the man had his car out of control, went swinging and eventually ended up on a bike and rode the victims death. Unproven find the court that he has a lot of driving too fast.

The prosecutor, who had two weeks ago demanded fifteen months, has appealed. That protects the police investigation gives the impression that the man has certainly driven 120 kilometers. Spot a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour applies.

To quote one Redditor, “That’s f*cked, I got 100 hours of community service when I was 14 for burning a trash can.” He’s right: that is f*cked.

Reddit via RTL Nieuws