J.J. Abrams Developing ‘Star Wars’/’Star Trek’ Animated Crossover

In news that’s pretty much completely unsurprising since both Paramount and Disney love money, J.J. Abrams today announced he’s working on a crossover film between Star Trek and Star Wars as a CGI animated film.

Abrams discussed the crossover at Deadline:

It made sense with the corporate synergies at play in this particular intellectual property dynamic. My method of working with the Star Trek universe is very similar to George’s method of developing the Star Wars mythology, so it was a natural fit.

The film will be separate from both Episode VII and the current Star Trek reboot, and use as much of the original cast of both franchises as possible for voice work and motion capture. In an odd move, the script will span all four Trek series and all Star Wars movies.

The plot is being kept top secret, but rumor has it that at the insistence of Paramount and Disney, it follows the Voyager crew as they pass through a time rift that has opened near Earth. The ship winds up in orbit over Naboo, and the crew is led by current Jedi Master Jar Jar Binks to the source of the chronal irregularities, currently rumored to be the Star Wars version of the Guardian of Forever. Harlan Ellison has already filed a preliminary lawsuit.

This plot is currently considered to have the most merchandising value possible, but may be revised before shooting to include other LucasFilm or Paramount properties believed to have a strong appeal for children.

Well, either way, it’s got to be better than Enterprise or Episode I, right?