So This Is Happening: James Cameron And The Google Founders Are Looking For Asteroid Mining Interns

Good news, everyone! James Cameron and several other absurdly rich folks — including Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin — put out a job offering for their asteroid mining start-up, Planetary Resources. The company seeks to mine asteroids for water and metals, and they’re now looking for student interns in Bellevue, WA. Here’s the ad, via The Mary Sue:

Planetary Resources, Inc (PRI), The Asteroid Mining Company, is seeking qualified and enthusiastic candidates for paid cooperative education positions to assist in the development of new systems and technologies for the commercial robotic exploration of near Earth asteroids in our Bellevue, WA location. Applicants should have an interest in space systems design and application and should expect a hands-on, intense and dynamic work environment.

The internships last from January to August of next year, and candidates should be a junior or senior in a related field, have previous work experience, and have a GPA of 3.2 or higher. Those two superfans in the banner pic probably don’t qualify.

When we last talked about Planetary Resources, we said:

It all sounds a bit far-fetched, until you realize that this thing is being backed by the founders of Google. If you told me 10-years ago that a company that started as just another search engine would one day be able to spy on my backyard from space, I’d say that was far-fetched too. So yeah, look for space miner jobs to start hitting soon.

We’re going to have to let Brian wear the official UPROXX Master Prognosticator Hat™ at the office today, because he totally called it. He’ll have to buy his own two cans of beer to put in the hat, though.