James Corden Gets Revenge On Gordon Ramsay For Making Him Eat A Fish Eye Years Ago

Gordon Ramsay used to host a cooking show in the UK called The F Word (adapted for American audiences earlier this year on Fox) that featured celebrity interviews, challenges, and the occasional fish eye eating, apparently. Back when he was known primarily for his work in British television, Ramsay invited James Corden and his family onto the program for a segment on Chinese delicacies — apparently goading the now Late Late Show host into eating the aforementioned delicacy with the reward of a nice meal at one of Ramsay’s London restaurants.

One disgusting fish eye, seven years, and one unfulfilled promise later, Ramsay was the one in the hot seat on the Late Late Show, and Corden and his family, who were watching from the audience, had definitely not forgotten. So this time it was Ramsay’s turn to eat the fish eye (with the promise of a meal at Corden’s restaurant, naturally), and if you’d think the seasoned celebrity chef would do better with the challenge — sadly you’d be wrong.

We found the original F Word segment, below, if anyone cares to see James Corden subjected to chicken feet and duck tongues, in addition to the grand finale of fish eye. And uh, we can’t say we blame him for harboring the grudge. Yum!