James Franco Saw ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, States The Obvious

This is not what I meant when I searched for James Franco with a bear.

James Franco was recently questioned by an interviewer for MTV about Spider-Man, because James Franco really hasn’t done anything since playing Harry Osborn back in 2007. What else could they possibly ask about? It’s like that dude has been partying with Nick Stahl.

So anyway, the interviewer told him Dane DeHaan would be playing Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. James Franco responded by complimenting DeHaan’s work in Chronicle and Lawless. Then the interviewer asked Franco if he’s seen The Amazing Spider-Man. As seen in the video below, his response was less than complimentary because FRANCO AIN’T CARE.

“I mean, they could have strayed a little bit more from the original. It was like, ‘Why?’ I guess they made a lot of money. Congrats. Good for them. Sam and I moved on. We made Oz.” [Blastr]

It took me a second to realize he was talking about Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful, which opens March 8th. For a moment I was picturing James Franco and Samuel L. Jackson starring in an episode of HBO’s Oz. My God, that would be amazing.