James Franco Released Some Of His Poems And They Are Classic Franco

Remember when James Franco portrayed poet Allen Ginsberg in the film Howl? No? Well that’s okay, because Franco comes at us today with some poetry of his own. The artist has become the master. From The Telegraph:

Franco’s debut collection, Directing Herbert White, is being published by Faber (yes, really). It’s the latest artistic hand grenade to be lobbed by the Hollywood renaissance man who, aside from starring in films such as Pineapple Express, 127 Hours and Spring Breakers, is the author of short stories, a novel and some questionable journalism; director of the short film Dicknose in Paris, in which he walked around the French capital with a prosthetic phallus attached to his face; and painter of nudes of his co-star Seth Rogen (plagiarised, apparently intentionally, from another artist). His semi-drag recreations of Cindy Sherman’s photography led New York Times critic Roberta Smith to call him “embarrassingly clueless about art”.

That sounds pretty spot on if you ask me.  Now he’s dicknosing his way into poetry and I hear it can’t be missed. Let’s get to some of it, which features a special nod to the late Heath Ledger:

“There had been a time
When we were up for the same roles,
10 Things I Hate about You
(Based on The Taming of the Shrew),
And The Patriot –
Funny, you were Australian and so was Mel –
You were the knight in A Knight’s Tale…” (via)

And another in the voice of Lindsay Lohan.

“Fame raped me. And I raped it, if you know what I’m saying” (via)

Yeah, so all of that exists now.  People can proceed to argue about whether it’s good or not or some sort of underhanded joke on society. I’m no expert, but it seems like he’s just talking (*Sips Four Loko with pinky out*). You can head over here to read some more examples and then return here to scratch your head and wonder if Franco is the biggest troll of us all.

(Via The Telegraph)