James Wan Finally Makes His Creepy Doll Movie With ‘Annabelle’

If there’s one consistent theme in the work of James Wan, it’s those freaky dolls he keeps putting in movies. The Saw series had one, Dead Silence had a creepy-ass ventriloquist’s dummy, Insidious had the Doll Girl, and The Conjuring had one as well. And now that last doll is getting its own spinoff!

We don’t know much about Annabelle, aside from the fact that it’s a spin-off of The Conjuring. According to Variety, it’s directed by cinematographer John Leonetti, and has a script from the writer of Blood Monkey, a movie that admirably communicates just how good it is from the title. So really, what could go wrong?

We’re assuming this will be an origin story, though, not least because the real Annabelle is still locked up in a museum run by the Warrens, and two hours of looking at a doll in a case probably won’t tickle audiences. Of course, they could take some liberties, especially considering the real Annabelle is… somewhat different.

Honestly, they should just go full Zuni Fetish Doll on this one. The old lady in the movie was plenty creepy, but there’s only so seriously we can take a creepy doll appearing behind people. It’s hard to feel much fear from something you can take out by punting it, even if it is a WWE star. We’ll find out what direction they go in on October 3rd.