Jan 6th Insurrectionist Whines: MAGA Rioters Are Treated ‘Worse’ Than Black Americans Under Jim Crow

Of the many brainless things MAGA rioter Brandon Fellows has done since January 6, 2021, forcing his way into the Capitol might actually not be at the top of the list. The Albany, New York resident, who entered the Capitol through a broken window then made his way to Sen. Jeff Merkley’s (D-OR) office—and smoke a joint—later decided to represent himself in court, and it hasn’t gone well for him.

In October 2021, while appearing in front of U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden to request permission to represent himself, Fellows accidentally ended up admitting to committing two additional felonies that he had not been charged with. His situation has only gotten worse from there.

As Raw Story reports, Fellows has filed a new motion—a whopping 32-page one—in which he made the bizarre decision to honor Black History Month in the most inappropriate way possible. As he wrote in the motion:

“I’d like to make this portion of my motion festive in light of black history month to show you how correlated our treatment really is, and of course concede on some clear differences. After all, not only does history tend to repeat itself, but few ever truely (sic) learn from it. It’s black history month, and there’s a lot to learn from it. I find these deprivations, discriminations, and unequal treatments to have strong correlations to what my black brothers suffered under the racist Democrats after the abolition of slavery, thanks to Republican Abraham Lincoln up until the Brown V. Board of Education decision, which the Democrats also hated.”

Had Fellows decided to end the conversation there—by comparing the situation of individuals who committed a federal crime by breaking into the Capitol building, destroying property, and leaving a body count in their wake to being Black in America under Jim Crow—it would have been bad enough. But oh no, he kept going:

“I’m not MLK, but I too speak out about these abuses from a Democratic, city-run jail in Washington D.C., just as MLK did from the Democratic city jail of Birmingham, Alabama. Even my black brothers in Montgomery were able to attend church, have clergy, attend school, go to a barber and see their families, even if they were segregated. Therefore, I argued to you that, as least in these areas, we have it worse than the black population did in 1950s Montgomery.”

Fellows’ motion went on to then contradict all of that by stating that:

“Regardless of where you stand I will concede to you the obvious, us white people, Trump supporters and even January 6th defendants AS A WHOLE do not have it as bad as our black brothers did under the Democrats of Montgomery in the 1950s. However, things are getting worse for us, especially in the past year with the selective hateful Democrats in charge, particularly in this city, and even more so in this cities jail.”

You can read the full motion here.

(Via Raw Story)