This Japanese Game Show Tests How Many Shots To The Jewels Contestants Can Take

Crazy Japanese game shows are nothing new to anyone with a job they don’t particularly like and a Reddit account, but I think you’ll agree that this may be one of the best WTF Japanese game show clips you’ll ever see. It features two teams made up of the game show’s cast and crew (a nice touch, no innocent victims here) testing their testicular fortitude in a unique machine.

The torture device they get strapped into: the ‘Legendary Chinko Machine’, also referred to as a penis strengthening machine … which doesn’t seem right. Penis crippling machine? Sure. Strengthening? Only in a Nietzschean “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” kind of way. And if that was right, Nietzsche’s syphilis would have made him Superman instead of driving him insane.

Perhaps what he needed was a round or two hooked up to the Chinko Machine. If he was alive, I have no doubt a Japanese game show would fly him and other famous philosophers in and hook them up for our viewing pleasure. Who will win? The Nihilists or the Relativists? My money is on the Nihilists. They just don’t give a damn.

If anyone has more info about this game show, please let us know in the comments!